“SMAP” can make your advertising go farther, faster!

SMAP, the new Social Media Amplification Program, is a no-extra-cost benefit for advertisers on any of the many RadioAlabama media platforms.

How does SMAP work? The RadioAlabama digital staff watches Facebook for material their advertisers share and re-shares it on their networks – “amplifying” postings beyond just their group of friends, their friends’ friends, people who may have “liked” their page at some point, and any small paid reach. Because the RadioAlabama social media channels have been authenticated by Facebook and Twitter as belonging to a legitimate media organization, what they post and share is more likely seen by more of the tens of thousands of people they can reach on their multiple digital platforms. As an active advertiser, to make sure no one misses something, they can also submit their marketing message links directly to the RadioAlabama team via email.

“This is all a part of what we call our ‘echosystem’ – repeat, repeat, repeat. With the launch of our new Auburn area station last week, RadioAlabama has grown to eight radio signals (and six on-air brands) collectively blanketing East Central Alabama, prospectively reaching more than a million people, complemented by SylacaugaNews.com, our hyperlocal news/sports/weather/feature site,” explained Lee Perryman, “Narrowly engaging with our audiences for maximum relevance, we also operate nine more websites and more than a dozen social media channels, and we also offer direct-reach text messaging campaigns.”

The new SMAP initiative is just another unique way that RadioAlabama wants to increase the effectiveness of their customers’ overall advertising and marketing efforts — incorporating harder-to-control and less focused social media, repeating and amplifying their good news on air and digitally, touching people anywhere and everywhere on the multiple devices they use each day, leveraging their unique multimedia “echosystem” to help drive their “echonomy.”

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