Renasant Bank will host a Chili-Cook-Off during the October 20th Pumpkin Festival

In case you haven’t heard, the Childersburg Parks & Recreation Department is hosting the 1st Annual Pumpkin Festival on Saturday, October 20th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. And a delicious attraction will be the Chili-Cook-Off, sponsored by Renasant Bank!

If you want to participate as a competing cook, contact Janice Grohs at Renasant Bank, in person, or by calling (256) 378-4002. In the meantime, here are the competition rules:

* Contestants must pre-register in order to enter the contest. Registration the day of the contest is not permitted.
* A $10.00 entry fee is required for each chili entered. Entry fee is payable, CASH ONLY, no later than October 15th and can be dropped off at the Childersburg branch of Renasant Bank.
* Teams are responsible for supplying all cooking utensils and supplies needed.
* All coolers and pots will be inspected upon arrival at the event and before you are escorted to your table.
* Teams will be allowed to cook their meats prior to the event, but the chili must be assembled at the event. All other items may be pre-chopped/measured.
* Teams are permitted to provide toppings/chips/crackers for the public.
* SANITATION: Teams must have the following at their tables for use while preparing, cooking and serving:
Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant spray for preparation surfaces (e.g., Lysol, bleach and water, etc.)
Plastic gloves (for serving)
* Teams are encouraged, not required, to name their chili/beans and decorate their cooking area to reflect that name.
* Teams must provide spoons and small cups to allow tasting by the guests.
* This chili and bean cook-off is for cooks who just want to have fun and be recognized for their superb culinary skills. Let your hair down (but wear a hat!!!)! Dress up, wear a costume, just have fun!

* PROTECTING THE JUDGING CUP – Each team will be provided with a pint jar that is to be used for the judging. The judging cup must be turned in by 2:00 to the judges. Prizes will be awarded by judge’s choice and People’s Choice. Each team will have a container for the public to place their votes. Tampering with the container will result in disqualification.

There were ten tasters/scorers at our party. Each person scored each dish but did not score their own. Each score card has five categories:
Overall Impression

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