Natural Gas Public Awareness Day is Friday, October 5th in Childersburg

Every year, the Childersburg Water Works, Sewer, and Gas Board holds a big community event – Natural Gas Public Awareness Day. It always includes a lot of fun – FREE food, FREE drinks, and other goodies under a giant tent on the Board grounds (actually, the parking lot) on 6th Street. You’ll even have the opportunity to win a Gift Card!

Now, the community fun is most folks’ favorite part of the big day – Friday, October 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., but it is about awareness, too. They want you to know how to locate underground pipelines, how to detect a natural gas leak, and what to do when you discover one – or even think you have discovered one!

Then there’s the 811 system, required by state law, that gives you a source for information about underground utilities BEFORE you dig! Just dial “8-1-1” for Alabama One-Call at least 48-hours before you dig, ditch, drill, level, or plow by hand or machine. That service is free of charge, but is vital for your safety as well as that of your neighbors!

So, some on out, enjoy yourself, get FREE stuff, and learn some important things that will protect you and your family going forward!

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