Heavenly Grounds is on its way to Childersburg, too!

In the second of what will likely be a “growing” series of stories on business growth in Childersburg, the downtown area will soon be getting a boost from a popular and established coffee shop that has expanded it’s offerings to food items for breakfast and lunch. In case you have not yet heard, Heavenly Grounds Coffee Shop is adding a second location on the downtown corner of 1st Street & 8th Avenue, in the former J&J Childersburg Pharmacy location.

Jennifer and Andy Gallups are busy remodeling the historic downtown building, and they’ll be bringing their entire existing repertoire with an exciting new addition – a drive-through. When they get a bit closer to opening the doors, we’ll have photographs and a description of how that will work.

The renovation project required a bit of inside demolition, which included removing the wooden floor. With that out of the way, a layer of gravel was set down to make way for a new concrete floor, just laid this week. Now, comes the construction of the front porch area & doorway, the kitchen and counter areas, restrooms and such, including all of the equipment needed to offer a great menu.

Of course, the signature is going to be the coffee, plus all those delicious drinks like cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, and more. If you can name it, maybe just describe it, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be able & happy to accommodate you!

During the breakfast hours, They offer breakfast croissants, breakfast wraps, and hash brown cakes, plus you’ll find scones, all sorts of pastries, and more throughout the day.

For lunch, there’s another “signature” favorite, Jenn’s famous Chicken Salad Croissant and other sandwiches, plus a variety of pasta salads, soups, and probably an occasional surprise or two!

All this and more is already going on at their 1st Street location in downtown Sylacauga, but you want to know when this is all this going to happen in Childersburg, right? Well, if Jen had her wish it would already be there! But the hard work will literally fly by over the coming days with a target of mid-August to open the doors – And the drive through. Can’t wait!


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