280 corridor through Childersburg is about to see major traffic flow changes

According to ALDOT’s Calvin Cook, a Childersburg native who is supervising the contractor work on the new Hwy 280 bridge project through Childersburg, traffic flow along the Highway 280 corridor through Childersburg is about to take a major shift as a result of the on-going bridge replacement project.

Sometime next week (Jan. 22-25), they will close down about 1,000 feet of Tall. Co. Rd. 8, the Childersburg-Fayetteville Highway, in order to raise the elevation of the road to meet the new higher bridge level. That portion will remain closed for approximately one month, depending on the weather.

Only LARGE TRUCK TRAFFIC will be detoured outside of the local community. Those vehicles will be directed down to the Sylacauga-Fayetteville Highway and have to make their way back around from that end. LOCAL TRAFFIC will NOT be able to use that 1,000-foot section, but all other side streets will remain open for such traffic.

Once that part of the project is complete, two lanes of the current Hwy 280 traffic will be diverted to the newly constructed portion, while the vacated two lanes are brought up to the new height. Once that is completed, they will move to the remaining lane.

The plan is still to always keep four lanes of traffic going all of the time along Hwy 280, including the use of the traffic signal at the top of the hill. There may be a temporary exception to that if/when they have to deal with something unexpected, as was the case a few months ago when one-lane or traffic was shut down for a few hours to repair the current road surface.

Please, allow some extra time for travel through the road work area, and stay alert to other traffic. If you are affected by this short-term closing of the Fayetteville Hwy. for local traffic, you probably will want to try a few alternate routes to find what works best for you!

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