Senior BINGO

South Talladega County Career Tech students need your help with something fun!

Whitney Murchison, a Career Tech Counselor for the Talladega County Board of Education reached out to us to help spread the word about a fun and rewarding project that they’re calling, “Senior BINGO!”

“Obviously, this has been a crazy school year with COVID-19. Our students have done a great job of working with everything that has been thrown at them. With limited instruction time with our students, we haven’t had a lot of time for the fun stuff,” explained Murchison.

This provides an opportunity to address that “fun stuff” AND to engage their home community!

“Spring is a busy time of year when students are applying for college, applying for scholarships/financial aid as well as preparing their resumes and applications for entering the workforce. In an effort to promote these activities, we have created a Senior BINGO for students from Childersburg High School and our travel Career Tech students from Fayetteville, Comer and Winterboro High Schools,” added Murchison.

Students will each be given a BINGO card with various activities for them to complete and once they “BINGO”, their name will be entered into a drawing for prizes, to be held on Friday, March 19th.

HERE’S where YOU come in – They could use your assistance with prizes, “Members of our staff have provided financial assistance for a $50 gift card, but we would love additional prizes to give as well. We were hoping that you could share with Chamber members and others in the area to see if any of the businesses would like to donate prizes to the event. Any donation is greatly appreciated.”

Contact Whitney Murchison via email at: