The “Save the Bridge” Kymulga Disc Golf Tournament is coming this Saturday (6/30)

Kymulga Grist Mill Park hosts the first ever disc golf tournament on their recently established course along the trails of the park. The “Save the Bridge” Kymulga Disc Golf Tournament on Saturday, June 30th.

Organizer, Lathan “Hud” Hudson, says that the event will split into two events – a singles tournament starting at 9:00 a.m., and a draw-doubles tournament at 1:15 p.m..

“We were a little late getting on the schedule for the Disc Golf tour, but we invited over 5,000 to come join us. I’m not sure we’re up to handling even a small fraction of that number, but we’ll be good hosts under any circumstance,” explained Hudson. He added that this event is like a test run for another event in the fall and four more full-scale professional disc golf events next year.

He invites families to come out and enjoy watching and learning from experienced players, “And while you’re here enjoy live music and a fun 9-hole course for the kids, along with cornhole and horseshoe-tossing.”

Hudson is working on program details whereby local groups and organizations can host their own charity fund-raising disc golf tournaments, “It’s fun to learn, it’s fun to play, and we can use that to help you raise funds for your passions.”

The entry fee is the usual $3 fee for park entrance.

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