September 25th Is “Family Day” As Proclaimed By Childersburg Mayor Wesson

Family Day is a national movement to celebrate parental engagement as an effective tool to help keep America’s children substance-free. Families are the cornerstone of an orderly society, but over the last several decades, Alabama families have grown progressively weaker. Family Day in Alabama has evolved to “Family Week” and expanded to reflect the importance of connecting with children throughout the day/week and making a concentrated effort to implement programs that stress the importance of a child’s needs and the importance of interacting together as a family.

Scientific data indicates that when both parents are actively involved in a child’s life, the outcome is measurably improved. Children spending significant time with their parents and family members decreases the chances of youth suicides, school dropouts, juvenile drug abuse, teen pregnancies, and incarceration. Research shows that children with hands-on parents are far less likely to exhibit risky and disruptive behavioral problems.

This is an important local and national initiative to remind parents, communities, and leaders that a child whose parents are not engaged and involved in their upbringing and care is a child “at risk.”

Show your support for children and family today, Monday, September 25th, anytime during the week of September 24th, and maybe even every day from now on. You are asked to eat a meal or do some other activity together. Family Day/Week event ideas include:

* organizing a block party in your community
* hosting a potluck at church
* playing games that include the family
* eating dinner as a family and using conversation starters
* attending movie night at the park

This will remind everyone of the precious nature of childhood and our responsibility as adults to protect and encourage our children.

Take a photo or video with everyone enjoying time together, and post it on your favorite social media channels using #MyFamilySelfie, #FamilyDayAL17.

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