Resolute Forest Products honored by DuPont

Seth Kursman – Vice President at Resolute Forest Products, who serves over Corporate Communications and Sustainability and Government Affairs – has announced that his company has earned a prestigious DuPont Safety and Sustainability Award, “I am pleased to announce that Resolute’s sustainability leadership has just received an honorable mention by the prestigious DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards, which recognize outstanding initiatives aimed at enhancing workplace safety, sustainability and operational effectiveness.”

Recognised with a special mention from the judges due to a unique and innovative approach to sustainability, Resolute Forest Products – a global leader in the forest products industry – is a winner of a Regional Sustainability Award. “We are pleased that our hard work and commitment to sustainability have been recognised with a DuPont Sustainability Award,” said Kursman.

“Over the last seven years, our company has implemented a corporate strategy to align and integrate our efforts in environmental stewardship and social responsibility with our business strategy and objectives. A special focus was placed on reducing our carbon footprint and improving natural resource management through numerous projects ranging from introduction of renewable energy technologies and fuel switching to sustainable fiber sourcing and innovative waste disposal.”

“As a result, Resolute’s greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 73 per cent since 2000, 74 per cent of energy requirements are sourced from renewable sources, 80 per cent of fuel energy is derived from biomass sources, all managed forests are third-party certified to internationally recognized standards, and on-site coal use has been eliminated as an energy source since 2014.”

Highly coveted as the corporate benchmark in sustainability leadership, the international DuPont Awards celebrate “the achievements of companies that have found effective, innovative ways of becoming greener, cleaner, and leaner.”

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