Oak Grove Town Council meets

The Oak Grove Town Council met on Monday, May 15th with the following agenda items:

Under Old Business, the Council tabled discussion of a postage meter for Town Hall. Unable to reach a concensus on a company for town-wide air ambulance service, the Council dismissed the item from consideration. They also eliminated consideration of a firearms ordinance.

In New Business:

Daniel Lewis was approved as a member of the Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department.

The Council authorized the expenditure of funds for summer work shirts for town employees.

Ordinance #118 was approved, allowing for participation in the late July Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday.

The Council approved Resolution 465, authorizing repair expenses not to exceed $2,300 for the town’s Kubota tractor.

Authorization was given for an Alabama Power Gateway Sign, not to exceed $600.

The meeting was adjourned with all moving over to the Senior Center for the annual tribute to the long-time Mayor Bloise Zeigler. Also honored with a memorial tribute was long-time town employee Corinne Dean Lackey.

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