UPDATED – Better slow down!

New “Road Work Ahead” signs have gone up on Highway 280 through Childersburg in anticipation of the start of work on the replacement railroad bridge. But those are NOT the only new signs!

“With the start of the road work imminent, changes have been made to the speed limit on Highway 280,” explained Childersburg Police Chief Rick McClelland. “The entire project area has been reduced to a 35-mile-per-hour speed limit. He later added, “Many have noticed that the new speed limit signs have been temporarily covered. They will be uncovered and the new speed limit will be enforced when workers are present. Before too long, that will be the rule rather than the exception.”

That area will be roughly from the Coosa River Bridge to just beyond Atkinson Homes, an area that had previously been posted at 45-miles-per-hour. Chief McClelland added that the new speed limit is to help insure the safety of workers, as well as those who travel along Highway 280, “Please slow down and remain alert to traffic around you rather than the road and bridge work. We all get curious when there’s something to new look at, but staying focused on the road will help you avoid accidents.”

The chief also noted that speeding tickets issued when workers are present will come with double fines!

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  1. If you figure the time of your arrival if you drive 45 and drop it to 35, there is only a very few minutes difference of the time of arrival. Better to arrive a few minutes late than be stopped, issued a ticket, and they get to your destination late, PLUS have to show up on court day and pay your money for a fine.

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